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indypeercounsel's Journal

Indiana Youth Counsel
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Peer Counsel is a program designed by Indiana Youth Group to do cyber outreach and provide information and resources. It is geared toward GBQT males in the Indiana area, but anyone is welcome, from straight girls in Colorado to genderless pansexual folks in England.

This community is a work in progress, which means that we would more than welcome any comments, suggestions, or constructive criticism. My goal is for it to become some sort of a hybrid Q&A section, advice column, myth-buster, central resource, and whatever else you guys need it to be. We're growing in leaps and bounds, but the community is still young. However, the staff is fully trained, which means that if you've got a question, you've come to the right place. Want to know if how much sex you're having is "normal"? Ask (although you might not get the answer you expect). Want to know if you can get pregnant in a hot tub that someone has ejaculated in? You've come to the right place. How about drinking after someone who's HIV+? Which lubes are safe with which condoms? How much is too much masturbating? Are transsexual and transgendered the same thing? No question is too strange or too simple, and if we don't know, we'll find out for you. Not comfortable posting? E-mail us at iyg_outreach@yahoo.com; anything you say is confidential.

So - send in what you'd like to see on the community, and we'll do what we can to make it a safe, slippery, spiffy place for all genders, orientations, beliefs, etc.

Our Rules Are Few and Simple
[1] Respect each other. This is pretty all-emcompassing, including not saying, "That was a stupid question," "You're too religious," "You're not religious enough," or "That's sick!" "Valid" is the buzzword here - however you feel about it, it's still valid, and you have to treat it as such.
[2] Attacking other members based on their sexual orientation, gender identification, religious beliefs, race, background, financial status, promiscuity or lack thereof, monogamy, non-monogamy, intelligence, percieved unintelligence, job, age, location (if I've forgotted anything, bring it to my attention) will get you banned.
[3] The community is currently moderated, due to the sensitive nature of the posts that could be made. If this proves unnecessary, I'll change it to open posting, but for right now, have patience. Your post may take 1-2 days to appear in the community. If it takes longer than that, you suspect that it's not going to be approved, and you aren't sure why (generally, if it's inappropriate enough to be rejected by such liberal mods as us, you'll know why), or know why but disagee with our decision, drop us an e-mail and we'll look into the problem and get back to you.
[4] If it's an exceptionally long post, try to put it behind a cut. To make a cut, type < lj - cut > without the spaces, enter your text, and type < / lj - cut >, without the spaces. It helps everyone's friends pages load more easily.
[5] I think I covered this in number 1, but play nice.
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